About Us

Who we are

Established in 1996, Nestling is among the few organisations with a technology and capacity to design, manufacture and monitor textile electronic systems and devices. It is now one of the most admired organizations with electronic textile machine management solutions.

Our vision is, we are the textile industry benchmark through the excellence of our people, our innovative process approach and overall conduct. Underpinning this vision is a performance culture committed to enduring values, such as, aspiration targets, safety and social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness and transparency. Our people are guided by the vision of "Best in the manner in which we think and act, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics."

The commitment to excel in our business has been embedded in our organisation through a holistic methodology that enables us to respond to customer expectations through continuously improving the quality of the way we think and act. We can not dream to accomplish excellence in our business endeavours without our customers being part of it. With us "quality" and "business excellence" attains a different meaning called "VALUE CREATION".

Excellence @ Nestling

The movement of value creation in our organisation is defined by a framework known as EXCELLENCE. The Model works under the aegis of Nestling System of Excellence for total Transformation or NEST: an in-house organisational mandate to help people concerned to align and realize their personal and business objectives first time and every time.


NEST helps to understand, up-grade and enrich the way we understand and execute our business endeavours. Essentially the approach has been interwoven around a fundamental factor that works as a central understanding of our business: "Discovering organisational Excellence through transforming the way we think and act"

Our conviction and understanding of the business: " VISION ".

"Realising our business excellence only by transforming the way we and people around think and act. For us people around are not just people, they are our customers and are Value Creators".

Our ability to clarify things before attempting to execute: " PURPOSE "

The purpose of we being in the business is people; our customers. Providing them a healthy experience of being with us is the main purpose of conducting our business endeavours.

Our guiding force for continuous value creation: "CORE VALUES "

  • Continuous Learning
  • Inspired Living: Living with mutual respect
  • Continuous value creating activities
  • Valuing and working together for a common aspiration
  • Accepting every action with a sense of responsibility and accountablity...