Card Commander

Individual doffer drive system

  • Smooth acceleration of the doffer reduces the CV% of the Sliver at initial stage
  • Doffer speed can be individually increased or decreased depands upon the nature of the material - processed
  • AC Drive eliminates Doffer Gear Box, Transfer shaft, entire pneumatic kit and other connected mechanisms
  • Individual AC Doffer drive system reduces the strain of the main motor
  • Card Commander panel eliminates all control contactors, timers, rapid relays etc...
  • Trouble shouting by means of indications.

Card Commander is so designed to match with latest machines - Which includes:

  • Minicon plus - Universal counter
  • Photocell Sliver cut, Double lap stopmotion
  • Speed Governor
  • Flat moving controller
  • A PLC
  • AC Drives (Inverter) and newly developed front panel
  • Can be suitable for C1/2, C1/3, TC360, TC450 machines.

We also undertake...

  • PLC conversion and up-gradation of panels in LR C1/2, C1/3 cards

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