iScan - Intelligent Scanning and Control System for Cotton Contamination

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The futuristic and innovative product that is commitment to do things rightly. It is in pursuit of providing contamination controlled cotton.......every moments a clean fiber.

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Unique features of i-Scan

Excellent performance in white PP cleaning:

UV Modules along with Ultrasonic system:

Clinical performance:

Advanced double scanning system with Unique pixel based settings in three methods via Horizontal, Vertical and Area allows even very small particles of contaminations to be detected and eliminated effectively.

Consistency in performance:

Dust level monitor with advanced auto sensitivity algorithm assures consistency in ejection performance of contaminations and enhance the life of fluorescent lamp above 10,000 hours.

Reliable and lean in design & performance:

Digitalized Auto nozzle select algorithm helps to minimize the lose of good fibre and Pressure monitor on contamination ejection pipe assures all ejected contaminations are collected in disposal bag-maximum return on your investment.

Clinical performance:

Digital conti-feed system (optional) increases the probability of detection of contaminations to make the system more effective and efficient in overall cleaning performance.

i-Scan: The right choice to manage your contamination problems-Both synthetics and colour foreign matters.

Technical Specification

Parameters i-Scan
Production capacity 1000Kgs/hour
Material flow rate 25 mtrs/sec (max)
UV Module 4 Sets
Poly sensors (Ultra Sonic) 48nos
Colour sensors(cameras) 32nos (High resolution)
Air nozzle with valve 24 sets
Air pressure 6.00Kgs / 6.00 Bar (max)
Air requirment 6.00 CFM
Power requirment 220V AC, 1.5KW
Input duct size (1000x100)mm
Dimensions (1500 W x 1000 B x 2300 H) mm

Few of Our Satisfied Customers


S.No Clinets Name Station
1. Murugan Textiles., Palladam
2. Rajapalayam Textiles (Ramco Group)., Rajapalayam
3. Sri Jeganatha Spinners Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore
4. Basker Industries Ltd., Bhopal

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