Smart Spin

A Dedicated PLC for G5/1 Spinning Frame

  • Upgradation of LR G5/1 machine to the improved performance in-terms of production & quality which is equal & still better than latest machines available in the market
  • Machine down time and frequent maintainences will be reduced due to comber - some components are removed from the panel.
  • Better utilization and monitoring due to highly protective stoppage reasons with reports.
  • Digital TPI Controller.
  • Snarl breaks can be minimized due to digital delay drafting timer.
  • Steps controller ( Lengths / Time / Percentage based ).
  • Production monitoring.
  • Up-graded pnuematic controls.
  • PC interface for production management.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Better communication between man and machine.
  • Higher reliablity.

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