Spin Soft-XT

Optimum Utilization of your Spinning frames

  • A Universal Speed Controller suitable for AC Drives (Inverter) and all types of SPEED VARIATORS like SHEAVE PULLEY, CONE DRUM PULLEY, VARIABLE PITCH SHEAVEs (VPS), etc...
  • Multiple steps of speeds and programmable accelarations, reduce the end breaks and increase the production.
  • The closed loop control system always monitors the sets speed and maintains constant speed during the time of power fluctuations.
  • It has all features like three types of speed profile (Length, Time & percentage based) and production data's like Spindle speed, Front roller speed, TPM, TPI, Hanks, Doffs, Stoppages and can be interfaced through RS 485.
  • TPI Controller - optional for LR G5/1 Spinning frame.
  • Production Gain : 4 % to 6 %
  • Reduction of end breaks and pneumofil waste:8% to 10%
  • Better Unit / Kg

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