Minicon Plus

  • length in Meters (Pre & Final Selection)
  • Hanks
  • Delivery Rate in m/m
  • Machine Run Time
  • No.of Doffs
  • Spindle Speed
  • TPI
  • TPM
  • Pre-Doff Indication
  • Diamensional advantage for direct replacement to any OEM meters

Smart Way PLC

  • Designed & Embedded to use Specific Application
  • Stoppage Reasons
  • User friendly & maintenance free
  • Very low failure rate
  • Energy saving mode (optional)
  • Motor thermister and over load Protection
  • Zero maintenance cost

Digital Speed Governor for Blow Room and Carding

  • Essential when the material choking takes-place in Blowroom line and Licker-in zone in carding machine
  • Set RPM and running RPM can digitaly be viewed

Our entire stop motions are latest IR and CMOS based Technology which will not be interrupted by day light. More over, custom-built and tailer-made solutions are part of our endeavors.

Blow Room Photocell
Carding Photocell
Double Lap Stopmotion
Analog Speed Governor

Flats Moving Controller

  • Material choking between flats and wires can be avoided
  • Occational whreas it leads to heavy losses by wire-damage, if occured

Thermister Protection nit

  • Finds the direct replacement in Trumac Carding Machine

Photomaster/Roving Stopmotion
Draw frame Photocell

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