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Our understanding business has been the most powerful force for the change in the world. Today, questions of global significance are not being decided solely by national governments or few organisations but by the way business has been conducted or operating in a worldwide market. Therefore, business leadership needs to take into account realities around the globe. Business leadership needs to acknowledge its responsibility to the people of the world.

We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the world of NEST Experience. We would like to first express our deepest respect for your contribution in making our endeavour of creating "Nest Experience" a reality. We would also like to convey our sincerest appreciation to our customer family. You bring in unprecedented proportions of challenges and opportunities like as always.

An opportunity to reimagine the future and rewire thought, purpose and action to build a path to a safer, productive, healthier and secure tomorrow. Your presence not only test our resilience and adaptive capacity but can also unleash forces of learning and creativity to shape a more sustainable and inclusive future. There is no doubt that the task ahead will be formidable and challenging. Though our team of value creators will face multi-dimensional challenges in the short term, it is certainly reassuring that we remain one of the major value creators in the world with huge potential and commitment.

Our philosophy is important to us and it forms the part of our endeavour. It defines the vision and the way; defines the true meaning of values. Our values recognize and represent a coalition of interests, namely those of customers, other service providers, business associates and employees, have both an economic and social purpose, there by casting the responsibility on us to protect and enhance customer value, as well as fulfil obligations to other stakeholders. Inherent in values is the responsibility to ensure the aspirations and rights of all customers, large or small, are protected and enhanced.

We have been constantly tested for our commitment to lead our business in the right direction. Whenever we were put in a pressure cooker scenario, we bounced back and proclaimed that we are able to do the right things, make the right decisions, deliver results, and leave our business and the people in it better off than they were before. We positioned our business by finding the central idea that created healthy customer experience and makes us financially secure. Our alignment with the vision and values enables us to diagnose any situation and take appropriate action, lifting us out of our comfort zone of expertise by developing skills that prepare us to do what the situation requires, not just what we’ve traditionally been good at.

Nest Bird


We see ourselves as a group of commandos on their way to a strike. Your growing aspirations undoubtedly call for a meaningful response – a surgical strike, focusing on the vigorous pursuit of value – creating opportunities leveraging our strengths on the one hand whilst driving prudence, cost optimisation and leading your aspirations on the other. However, the universal question that today engages us is: How do we reimagine, re-visualise the future not only to survive and revive, but also to strike, thrive and excel? To us facts of re-visioning the future will co-exist in the journey ahead. First, an 'Understanding' phase as we brace to manage the current aspirations; ‘Organising’ phase as the creation of Healthy Customer Experience will align to the new aspirations with improved vigour, some new needs and specifications emerging whilst several pre-demand trends gain accelerated pace; Customers are re-engineering to gear up for the 'next level' with some definite results in mind, hence we need to be ‘re – organised’ at an elevated level to ‘Execute” for continuous opportunities and challenges that are constantly redefined.

That is the power of our vision for you. We bring your world into focus and a new order of reality. We make you to see everything differently and rightly. Our dream for you will inspire you, even in the most routine of day – to – day activities. We create and empower most sophisticated leaders who change the face of your business, family and personal life. At NEST, we have a vision that inspires us deeply, and infuses every aspect of our work with meaning and purpose. We tie our daily activities into this higher purpose … achieve greater heights for you all the times.

We are on a journey of excelling together with our customers by responding to the core of our organisation - Purpose, Process and People. They are not just opportunities; they form the opportunity to create values. We as a leadership team discovering infinite possibilities to create healthy customer experience.

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We are able to look beyond your current reality and paint an inspiring picture of what could be - and in some cases what should be - true to you! That is the power of our ability to see and re – vision for your excellence. A well clarified vision, backed with the clear way to realise it out, significantly increases our chances of excelling together. It is our commitment to fit your life focused and filled with a definite purpose, that you are far more likely to experience meaningfulness and fulfilment.

Purpose always pulls. It is what compels us to act, to create, to explore and discover – just for you! Purpose was what compels us to keep coming back with a right solution, despite being in a hostile situation. We have a clarified purpose for your success and excellence. To remain committed to excel with customers, through transforming the way we think and act.

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Our every choice is committed for your excellence, we realise our excellence while you are excelling. Without a clear vision for our choice, chances are we will spend a lot of time and resources wondering without a compass. Wondering what we could be doing … should be doing ... without a definite direction. And like so many organisations, we may wonder and may be left out realising how we really matter at all in your life.

Our every choice has a meaning and a purpose. Much of what we choose daily does not appear to matter much when evaluated apart from some larger purpose. When we take a moment of the every-day and tie it in to a well clarified vision, and immediately there is purpose! Suddenly there is meaning and momentum! That makes us stand out and get noticed.

What makes us stand out and get noticed? The way we guide our choices are corner stones of our success. Our values explain our intent and actions to those to whom it has responsibilities. Externally, this means maximum appropriate disclosures without jeopardizing the purposeful interests and internally, this means openness in our relationship with employees and in the conduct of our value creating endeavour. We believe values enhance responsibility and accountability.

Values are the way to make our vision happen, bring to reality - setting exemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both internally within the organisation, as well as in external relationships. We believe that unethical behaviour corrupts our culture and undermines customer value. Governance processes with us continuously reinforce and help realize our belief in ethical membership of the organisation.

We are realising the vision of our endeavour of value creation by Understanding the vital factors of value creation; Organising to clarify ‘how’ the process of value creation can be initiated; Executing the process of value creation around impossibilities; Evaluating the process of value creation; Bringing in necessary improvement plans and Sensitively learning from all the above on continuously basis.