Nest Learning Centre

As a value – led engineering organisation, R & D is at the heart of our business processes. We are looking for the committed and driven minds to help us continue to discover and develop new solutions that meet end-to-end expectations. We unlock the purity of cotton to enhance healthy experience of fabric for everyone, today and for generations to come.

The “NEST Learning Centre” is our innovation and the main purpose is to creation of right experience to improve the way cotton is understood, organised and executed. Learning for continuous value creation is at the core of our growth module and our identity as a value-led organisation. We are committed to developing right approaches and solutions that meet and anticipate customer expectations, promote innovative and safer infrastructures, and reduce all kind of nonvalue creating activities. This strong commitment to learning is why we are investing in more resources.

With learning at the heart of our purpose to lead the organisation, we are devoting very substantial resources to the task of understanding, organising, executing, evaluating, improving and learning in execution. Discover our integrated, customer – centric and collaborative approach to learning.

Nest Bird

NEST Learning Vision

As committed value creators, we see our commitment in scientific excellence, what we do today will improve the lives of people tomorrow. We work to transform knowledge into a definite value creation, to be a reason for an elegant fabric for ‘every body’ irrespective of cast, creed and colour and improve lives worldwide. Contributing for the world’s most pressing need for elegant fabric is our top priority.

Our research and development community is made up of strong values and vision, our customers are the major stakeholders. Our goal is breakthrough learning that can transform, extend and potentially serve lives. We are drive by the scope of these challenges to provide pure cotton, dignified threads and elegant fabric.

NEST Learning Way

- To unlock tomorrow’s fabric by developing the purest cotton and dignified threads.


  • Investing in multi-targeting solutions to tackle multiple contaminations at the source of cotton.
  • Working on accurate combination solutions to make cotton purest of the pure.
  • Developing new methods and means to minimise the wastage of good cotton, creating value with every fibre of cotton.
  • To serve with precision infrastructures, technology and solutions for dignified threads.
  • Conducting breakthrough research to unlock the potential of elegant fabrics.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and digital technologies to empower customers to better manage their working conditions.
  • To create trustworthy products, systems and services that contribute to improving the peoples’ lives.
  • Our research and development team drives projects that go from developing conditions for better process of cotton to fabric.
  • Our learning centre provide techno commercial development expertise for client product, process, and solutions. Each is aligned with a particular model of value creation.

NEST Learning application

Future ready solutions ensuring system for elegant fabric through pure cotton.