Shanmugavel Group

DateApr 2016 PlaceDindigul, India

One of their units were getting market complaint due to contamination, while another competitor unit having the same set up of machinery had no complaints. This prompted the management to analyse critically the reasons and found the competitor unit had i-Scan for contamination removal.

This management decided to try with 1 machine initially in one of their units, seeing the results, the group had placed order for all their units. Today totally about 57 nos are in operation in the group.

As per customer observation, improvements were seen in Autoconer cuts and also in the fabric

Autoconer cuts/100 km Before i-Scan with other CCS After i-Scan CCS
FD cuts 12 to 15 6 to 7
PP Cuts 4 to 7 Less than 1

Study results of Knitted fabric of 10mts

No of contaminations Before i-Scan with other CCS After i-Scan CCS
Appearances 25 to 30 Less than 6
Loop Length Upto 6 & above Below 2

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