Beyond Global Standards of Performance in Contamination Cleaning

The Great Performer has arrived for creating Purified Cotton, Dignified Threads and Elegant Fabrics


Proprietary Designed 4 level of Scanning Zones

for identifying each type of contamination to realize the maximum cleaning efficiency

P - Tech Module

Exclusive Scanning module for light and pastel shades of contamination with higher resolution.

G - Tech Module

For detection of dark color contaminations.

Independently programable for selecting the right
type of contamination


Blue -Module

The challenge of identifying the synthetic contaminations, which otherwise merges with cotton color, is solved with our Blue-i Module. It identifies the contamination based on the light absorption at a particular light spectrum.


Crystal -Module

For all other types of white synthetic and polypropylene contaminations, the crystal-i employs a special detection principle for identifying the contaminants.


Incorporating Worlds Renowned Core Components

  • Monochrome and RGB Line scan cameras with bi-directional scanning are used covering the visible and nonvisible spectrum range for detection of color and white synthetic contaminants.
  • These cameras have long service life and have very less replacement cost.
  • Specially designed Smart Ejection valve sourced from Worlds' renowned suppliers, for accurate performance with minimum good fiber loss.

MSIP Image Processing

Camera data is processed using Multi-level advanced heterogenous MSIP technology for very high identification and elimination efficiency of all colored and white synthetic contaminations.


Case Studies